Ew, the bio page. I'll keep this super short. I've spent a little more than a decade turning my lifelong fascination with television into a means of paying for groceries and sneakers and lodging. In my early days, that meant freelancing for an array of outlets (Screen Rant, Comic Book Resources, Den Of Geek, Cracked) after running a few smaller ones into the ground (RIP We Love Cult).

Since 2014, I've written for Uproxx, where I work as features editor and on the business side of things. Despite a pretty heavy workload, I still make time to contribute interviews and the occasional essay with a focus on TV (but also, sometimes, with a focus on sports, music, and life culture). I just don't think I'll ever stop doing that.

Not to get too sappy here, but I was the weird kid who read the newspaper back to front on the bus in elementary school and nerded out watching late night talk shows and Up Close with Roy Firestone. Getting stories and occasionally joking around with the people who captivate with their amazing art and accomplishments feels like a very pure thing in these times of noise and aggregation. I'm exactly where I want to be. 

I hope you read some of the selected highlights from my career, check out some of the original articles I post here, and listen to my podcast projects as well. Me!