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Ah, the bio page. I'll keep this super short. I've spent a little more than a decade turning my lifelong fascination with television into a means of paying for groceries and sneakers and lodging. In my early days, that meant freelancing for an array of outlets (Screen Rant, Comic Book Resources, Den Of Geek, Cracked) after running a few smaller ones into the ground (RIP We Love Cult).


Since 2014, I've written for Uproxx, where I work as features editor and on the business side of things. Despite a pretty heavy workload, I still make time to contribute interviews and the occasional essay with a focus on TV (but also, sometimes, with a focus on sports, music, and life culture). I just don't think I'll ever stop doing that.

I hope you read some of the selected highlights from my career, check out some of the original articles I post here, and listen to my podcast projects as well. 


UPROXX - Managing Editor (Features + Editorial Partnerships)
Oct 2017 - Present

I'm hands-on in my role overseeing several aspects of pre and post-sale delivery while working seamlessly with several different departments. This includes supervising our signature Music Critics Poll and dozens of other custom immersive/interactive builds and overseeing scripting for many of our preroll shows. On these projects, I work closely with our editorial team, designers, studio and production teams.

Additionally, I'm a vital driver for creative when it comes to editorial sponsorship and branded editorial ideas and I recruit and develop writers while overseeing delivery on sold sponsorships and branded editorials. On these projects, I work closely with our editorial team, brand strategists, sales team, account managers, and leadership to exceed our goals.

In my time at UPROXX, I have been integral to day-to-day operations, leading efforts to find efficiencies and better practices with regard to cross-departmental communications, billing, organization, and marketing materials.

UPROXX - Editor/Writer/Interviewer
May 2015 - Present

In addition to my work as Managing Editor (Features + Editorial Partnerships), I am a regular contributor to the site, conducting 100s of long and short-form interviews, writing essays and reviews, and covering events like New York Comic Con and the Tribeca Film Festival. Though primarily focused on TV (I am a member of the TV Critics Association), I've also written significant features about movies, sports, music, politics, culture, food, travel, and gaming for the site.

I've worked as Shareable Features Editor, supervising a team of 10 writers on content that enhanced site search rankings and overperformed page view goals. I also oversaw the launch of our Real Stories initiative as Long-Form Editor, supervising the launch of more than 50 long-form pieces across multiple verticals in less than a year.

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